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Press play and remember how it all started.

"Leaving Hogwarts"

Happy Birthday, Harry!

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Mars. In true colour.

Just so you know, a lot of images of Mars which you’ll see have been manipulated. A lot of them have boosted contrast and saturation. So if you’ve ever wondered – images like this one are what Mars actually looks like.

Why does this not have more notes?!?


If you don’t think that’s the tightest shit, you can get out of my face.

i wanted to reblog this so that everyone who sees it can realize just how amazing this is. you are looking at a photograph taken on an entirely different planet. an entire world that has been completely untouched by humanity until only recently. no human in the history of mankind has ever look at those rocks, the soil, the mountains, and the sky until now. and until we finally manage to set foot there for the very first time, no human has ever seen mars from this perspective with their own two eyes or feel the texture of the martian soil on the bottom of their boots. this was only possible by creating a robot, an actual robot, and shooting way out of the reaches of earth and with extremely careful calculations, have it safely land and deploy right where they want it. it’s a robot on another planet being controlled 225 million kilometers away, seeing and studying and sending information for us.

this is the sort of thing you would see in science fiction movies that are only a few decades old. what was only imagination and possibilities back then is now all in this photograph. im looking forward to see what happens in the coming decades

I’m so infatuated by this. 

225 million kilometers away and we got it on film that blows my mind

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Dragonball Z: Good Morning Shenron - Created by Zach Smithson


Samurai Jack: Fight Me Aku! - Created by Daemon Castaguer


Adventure Time: Sorry Dear Friend - by Javier Rodriguez


How To Train Your Pokemon - Created by Nacho Díaz Arjona

On sale this week at the Artist’s Shop.


The Excellent Artwork of Erik Krenz

You can purchase prints of Erik’s work on Society6, and you can also follow him on Tumblr

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The Dragons of Video Games Art Series - Created by AJ Hateley and Pythos

The ultimate dragon compendium for gamers, this series is the latest work from the artistic masterminds over at Gametee. These beautiful Victorian inspired prints feature six great dragons from gaming lore: Alduin the World Eater, Spyro, Rathalos, Leviathan, the Ender Dragon, and the Dratini Evolutions. Each Dragon comes on High GSM Archival Quality heavyweight cardstock with a matte finish and a free collectible art card.

These prints are available for sale exclusively on Gametee, and Pixalry followers get a special discount. Just use the code PIXALRYDRAGONGT5 at checkout to get 5% off your dragon order!

You can also enter our giveaway here to win the complete set for free!


When J.R.R. Tolkien wrote The Hobbit, he was already an accomplished amateur artist, and drew illustrations for his book while it was still in manuscript. The Hobbit as first printed had ten black-and-white pictures, two maps, and binding and dust jacket designs by its author. Later, Tolkien also painted five scenes for color plates, which comprise some of his best work. His illustrations for The Hobbit add an extra dimension to that remarkable book, and have long influenced how readers imagine Bilbo Baggins and his world.

I have found The Art of The Hobbit book here in Amazon. Some of these images are published here for the first time, others for the first time in color, allowing Tolkien’s Hobbit pictures to be seen completely and more vividly than ever before.


I need  to catch up

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I don’t think you understand my feelings about dragons

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Mood swing.

This is the best worst movie ever

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Oh hai Mark || by Oh gosh, Cindy!